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We started 6 years back with a single store in Mohali/Punjab. Today we also have stores in Chandigarh, Jammu & Kashmir and are working to opening while being profitable all the time.

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Our Stores

All of our existing stores.

Our Franchise Model

RetailStar offers a franchise model where you will get a 12% minimum return on your investment and a guaranteed 80% refund of the investment if you want to quit the business. It starts with as low as 30 Lakh.

Running a profitable Franchise in India has never been this easy as RetailStarTM manages it all with minimum assured return of 12% or 80% money back with a notice of 6 month.


Our Business

RetailStar aims to provide good quality food and essential FMCG at the cheapest possible price.

We setup, provide supplies, take care of sales and fully operates franchise stores.

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What all we sell?

Branded Food

Rice, Pulses and Oil

Home & Personal Care

Fruit & Vegetables


Milk, Egg & Meat

Stationery Items

Plastic & Utensils

Cloth & Home Decor

Cosmetics & Grooming

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