Check if you Qualify?

Who can apply for Retail Star Supermarket franchise?

To apply for franchise, applicants must have a minimum of 2000 sqft owned space, Company don't give franchise to applicants in FOCO model who don't have 2000 Sqft area. So don't apply if you are looking for FOCO model franchise but don't have owned space.

What kind of investment is needed for Retail Star Supermarket ?

If you are applying from a Urban/City area you must have minimum of 50 Lakh rupees for setting up a supermarket store like seen here on this page.
People who need franchise in Rural and Semi-Rural area must have 30 Lakh rupees of investment for setting up the store.

Will I be paying any Franchise Fee?

Yes, Company will charge you and additional 10% Non Refundable fee for setting up the store. In addition to that there will be one time launching & advertising fee depending on the location and store size.

I meet Criteria, I want to Apply

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